Relevant Information

For how long can I volunteer?

You can decide yourself for how long you want to volunteer on Project Amazon, but t he minimum period is two weeks. We recommend 1-2 months in order to get to know the clients, the daily routines and the surroundings.


When can I start? And when should I apply?  

In your application form you will be requested to fill out the dates you want to volunteer. Due to limited space on the Hearing Care Center we cannot guarantee that the exact dates are available. We therefore recommend you to apply as early as possible to ensure that is fits with your study program or your holiday. Be aware that you need certain vaccines against yellow fever and malaria at least 8 weeks before arrival which also influence the travel preparation.

Does it cost anything to participate?  

In Parintins the hosting is free. There is a reserved area to accommodate volunteers with a room with four beds, a bathroom, a living room connected to a kitchen and dining room, and a laundry area. On the outside of the clinic, there is a barbecue area and lawn for recreation. Expenses will be related to travel transportation, meals and personal needs. In case you bring you partner, the partner will have the same expenses as the volunteers and do not need to pay for staying at the clinic

What is requested of me during my stay? 

There is no better way to get inspired and motivated than reading other volunteers’ experienced. We appreciate that you share these unique experiences by writing a one page diary of your experiences, preparation or other relevant information. Please include some selected photos or videos of your stay, being your best moments, work routines, or other important occasions that made your stay something special. These experiences will be uploaded on our website and the deadline for handing them in is one months after your stay. The dairy should be send to


                                    My Volunteer Experiences Nov. 2011

Do I need to speak Portuguese

It is without doubt an advantage to speak some basic Portuguese or knowledge to Spanish. Few Brazilians speak, so be prepared for some language barriers and a certain communication patience is necessary.


 The clinic has initiated a partnership with the local English school whereas the English students will assist you as much as possible and they get to practice their English at the same time. Furthermore we will provide material in the clinic with posters showing the necessary terminology in Portuguese and English and Spanish.


We recommend you to take Portuguese classes before arrival but it is not a requirement.


The clinic has posters at the consultancy rooms where basic translations of the work terminology is translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese.