On this side you can read about the application process and the preparation of your stay. We recommend you to
read the content fully before sending your application as it contains important information

1. Apply

• Fill in the application form HERE ;

• Within 2-5 working days you will receive a confirmation that your application is being processed. (If you do not recieve a confirmation within this period please contact us immediately by e-mail )

• Hereafter you will recieve information about the stay and preparation material.

2. Prepare your stay

When you are approved for the project we recommend that you prepare your stay best possible. The follwing list below can help you ge started.


• General information about your destinatio: Climate, culture, language etc;

• Information about Project Amazon, the employees, the routines etc;

• Information about visa rules and the time it takes to process you visa if needed;

• Due to the tropical climate, certains vaccines are needed when travelling to the Amazon. Be aware that most vaccines need to be in place at least 8 weeks before depature.

3. Travel without worries

• When you arrive to Parintins the staff will be waiting for you at the Hearing Care Clinic Viva o Som and introduce you to your new settings and the work place.

4. Important to know before applying

• Only volunteers above 18 years can apply;

• Viva o Som only accepts applications that has a duration of minimum two weeks. It is recommended to stay at least three weeks, in order to get to know your patients, accostume the culture, climate and time difference and enjoy the routines at the hearing care clinic;

• Viva o Som recommends that you have minimum one years experience within your area. This include your uni versity experiences;

• Due to the remote setting of the project, is it is dificult to get access to embassies or oficial insitutions in case you want to extent your visa. It is important that you check with your countries’ visa rules for how long you can stay in Brasil without having to extent.

If you have any question please go to our FAQ or you can write us personally at contact@vivaosom.com